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I wish I had a picture to show....

(first off, with 320 posts I would hope I am no longer a newbie to the boards... anyway on to my post). 

Is there anything your LO has done that you wished you had taken a picture (or someone had)?

I work overnights in crisis at our local Psych Hospital (Im at work right now ?).  Anyway, during our nightly goodnight call my H asked me if I would stop at the store and purchase more diaper wipes.  What? I just put a new pack out today???? So he proceeds to inform me that he left the basket with the wipes, baby powder etc... on the changing table that is attached to her crib.  After about 20 minutes he looked at the baby monitor camera to see huge puffs of white and her pulling all the diaper wipes.  He said when he got into her room she was covered in white, laughing, and had about 100 diaper wipes in the bed.  I wished he would have gotten a picture. 

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Re: I wish I had a picture to show....

  • Awww! Sounds cute! haha

    I guess there are moments that would be nice to have a picture of, but really sometimes I feel like I could either get up and grab my camera, or just be in the moment with my child, which I what I typically choose. :)

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