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Temper Tantrums....Where did this come from!?

So DD is 9 1/2 months old now and yesterday was the first time she threw an actual temper tantrum and she has done it multiple times since.  Basically when she's not getting her way (i.e. when we are changing her diaper, waiting for a bottle to warm up, or not letting her play with things that are not toys etc.) she turns bright red, balls her hands in fists and shakes them at us what make a loud eeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuggggggggggggghhhhhh noise.  Anyways, we thought it was funny when she first did it but has done it like 10 times today and it's not so funny....I'm thinking her toddler years are going to be just wonderful......sigh
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Re: Temper Tantrums....Where did this come from!?

  • Welcome to the club!!! I just want to laugh when Madison does it.  A few weeks ago she laid on the ground on her belly and kicked her legs when she was told no.  She was covering her head with her hands at the same time.  I stepped over her to get into the kitchen ignoring her and she looked up, put her head back down and screamed louder.  So much fun!!!! lol
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  • It's a thing that comes with turning 9 months old, I suppose. There's another thread similar to this one talking about it and a lot of posters said they're going through it too. Natalie will throw fits at night when she has to wait for her bottle. She can get impatient.

    The way I look at it is, heck.. I get impatient and pissy too lol. It's just that I'm an adult and I have the self-control to keep it inside (sometimes lol).

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  • Henry has been doing this for the past couple months. It's no fun. I'm dreading the toddler years.
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    I'm dreading the toddler years.

    You and me both! 

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  • Yeah. My kid started that a few weeks back. No bueno.
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  • I am not entirely sure if my daughter Faith who is 9 months old on the 4th of January throws temper tantrums, but I'll tell ya, if she wants someone to hear what she has to say, or if she's angry at someone, she will raise her little arms and put her hands in the air and just yell at them and sometimes shake her head lol. It's very adorable but it makes me wonder what her temper tantrums will be like lol.
  • Yep we are def going through this too. If you take something from Alex that he KNOWS he's not suppose to have/chew on (like the TV remotes) he throws a fit when you take it away.

    Normally if it's a chewing  thing (poor guy is on his 11th tooth right now!) I had him something he can chew on and that helps. But normally I just let him scream it out and give it no mind. When he finally realizes I'm not paying attention do does 1 of two things, screams louder to try to get my attention or he stops and goes on his marry way lol.

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  • Oh yeah. She has always been a pouty whiner when she doesn't get something. My guess is that they just don't know how to communicate with words well yet, so this gets the job done. :)
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