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XP: Diaper rash - Help!

I usually use cloth diapers, but we moved overseas and had to use disposables for two weeks. The new disposables started causing diaper rash.  I stopped using them, switched to a different brand, and then went back to the cloth. My baby's rash stayed the same.  I was using just virgin coconut oil on the rash for about a week- rash was mild but didn't clear up.  Then I started using calendula cream, it seemed to fluctuate between mild and moderate.  So then I got a zinc oxide cream called Mommy's Bliss.  The rash  some days looked worse, some days better.  Then yesterday we got Desitin maximum strength as I was starting to get really worried that this was not clearing up.  Now tonight it suddenly looks really bad.  She has no fever, and the rash doesn't actually seem to bother her at all. We are cleaning her with just water and cotton balls. I use 7th generation free and clear detergent on the CDs so I don't think thats the problem.  We try to change her at least every two hours. Should I take her to a doctor? I feel horrible about this, that its not getting better. We asked a nurse and she kinda acted like diaper rash is normal, but I don't think a baby should just have a rash all the time.  Before we had to use the disposables she had never had a rash before.Any advice?  Im a FTM so is there something that I am missing here?  Something else we should be doing? She I take her to a doctor?  (since we just moved we don't have a pediatrician per say for me to call and ask, I would have to just find one to take her to).  TIA 
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Re: XP: Diaper rash - Help!

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    I would do this :

    No wipes, use warm water and cotton balls it washcloths, many wipes have alcohol which irritates the skin even more 

    As much diaper free time as humanly possible

    Butt paste save our little guy's butt... I use the natural one that the green tube. It is a zink oxide cream  

    Also try using a different diaper maybe something that's natural like Huggies makes some nice ones 

    Make sure the diaper ara is dry before putting on the diaper.


    Best of luck hope she feels better. If the rash is more than two weeks call a doc it could be yeast.  

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    I agree with PP. No wipes! My DD got really bad diaper rash when she was first born due to the wipes. I used warm wash clothes and A&D ointment, it cleared up in about a day! I was also told to use vaseline.
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    Same as the above:

    Warm water with cloth wipes- if possible

    Lots of air time

    I use california baby cream which has an antifungal ingredient in it and we also cloth diaper.

    Do you think it may be yeast now? 

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    we did no diaper time to let it air out..... two warm baths in a day and we use baby powder. My LO has only had one and it lasted about 24 hours. It happen b/c we tried Target brand Up and Up and she usually wears Pampers so we just went back to pampers and she has been great since. We use baby powder once a day. Some people said they would never use baby powder....not sure why???.....but it seems to work for us. Keeps the area dry. I wouldnt keep switching from cloth to disposable and trying all kinds of cream.....stick to what works. Good Luck!


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    DD used to get really bad rashes on her bottom.  We used to give her oatmeal baths and let her air dry several times a day and that seemed to help the most.  It wasn't super convenient but did get rid of the rash.  Once the rash disappeared, we used an extra strength zinc oxide cream with every diaper change to avoid the problem.  It came back several times but the baths and air really helped rid the problem quickly. If it is any consolation, it didn't seem to bother her at all.  If you are really worried, I would consult a doctor.  Good luck! 

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    I'd make an appt with pedi.  It could very likely be yeast or something else like that going on.  Or, it could be mildly infected. 

    If you suspect yeast you can do an antifungal, they sell it in the athletes foot/jock itch area of the pharmacy. 

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