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How do I potty train?!!

Ok I don't have time to read a whole book right now and I really need help! I have tried doing just what other moms have suggested and have not had success. Please tell me what worked for you. TIA 

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Re: How do I potty train?!!

  • All I can say is good luck! Im going to try tomorrow with my dd. Im going to cold turkey tho, I work at a child care center and thats what I do with the kids there it seems to work.

    I took my dd out today to buy special underwear and when she wakes up tomorrow she will sit on the potty like she normally does and instead of putting on a new diaper Im just going to have her put on some underwear.


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  • This past Monday I decided to start letting DD run around the house naked from the waist down since I had the whole week off, and she's done great. I've had to put puppy pads on the couch because she peed on it once, but other than a few accidents she's been pooping and peeing on the potty like a champ. I still diaper her for naps and bedtime though. I bought underwear for her, but she'll just pee in them or in her pull ups if she's wearing either one. Wearing no pants helps her pay attention to the sensation of having to pee. You really do need a good weekend off to stay home and spend time working with your LO. Some people use stickers or little treats as incentives for going on the potty, I did at first but she's just as happy with simple praises and clapping too.
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  • My problem was that I knew DD was ready but I wasn't (for having the accidents, that is).  I ordered Gerber Training pants (you can get them online through Target or Amazon.  I love them and so does my DD because they are so soft and comfy!  They are absorbent enough that they don't leak but wet enough that DD feels it, which encourages her to use the potty so she's not in wet undies.   
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  • Well, knock on wood, we put ds in underwear on Thursday and he's only had one accident since (too much playing in the basement without adults there constantly).  I ask him every 10 minutes when he wakes up if he needs to use the potty, and then (he always says no) I tell him to let me know if he has to go.  He'll let me know right after I ask sometimes.  Then I pay attention to the clock (I know, I know, probably not supposed to) and ask him about every 1/2 hour.  Or...I notice if he has something to drink and ask him 20 minutes after he starts.  Or I ask randomly.  I don't have him sit on the potty unless he tells me he has to go (well, I did at Pizza Hut, but not when we're home).  He was obviously ready though, because he lets me know when he has to go.  GL! 

    Edit to add: We also use "potty candy" (sour patch kids).  Two pieces every time he goes on the potty.  And we make a big deal about it.  And he loves his little froggy potty. (and sometimes he forgets his potty candy, which is fine with me!)  We'll phase that out sometime.  I'm worried about daycare though....

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  • 1) M&M's!!! I tried a sticker chart and it was miserable, I found stickers everywhere but the chart and she could have cared less about them. 1 M&M for every attempt on the potty at first... then just 1 when she pees... I also gave 2 for poop so she would actually go on the potty.

    2) Underwear with LO's favorite character and then explain "_(Minnie)_" doesn't want to get wet or dirty so make sure you tell me when you need to use the potty.

     The naked thing works somewhat as long as you're patient and there's a potty visible. For  us the best thing was to just go and sit first thing in the morning, and then every 15/20 min for a day or two. Also, we tried not to draw attention to accidents. GL!!!

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  • We used the 3 day potty training and it worked well!!  A few of my friends have found it a success as well.

    We also had been randomly putting our kids on the potty since they were 13 months old and we would have successes each time we did.  My kids were trained at 20 months (girl) and 25 months (boy).  In our house, our kids were exposed to us using the bathroom, in natural ways (we had to bring them in for safety, they barged in, etc), frequently.  That could have been helpful too.  

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