Sort of an update on the house

We MAY have found a renter for the guest house.

A friend of DS's came over and her Husband came to DS's party and loved our house. She wanted a tour and told me we should totally rent this place out since it's so fabulous.

I told her we have been looking, but I want an old lady. Being a SAHM, I don't want some crazy fool over there.

She gasped and said, "I have one!" Me- "You have what?" Her- "An old lady."

Her DH's aunt was staying with her brother and paying him rent. They had a falling out and she's been trying to rent a ROOM from totally strangers which totally freaks her and her husband out. She doesn't want someone taking advantage of her.

This way she would have her own little apartment completely detached from the main house- own entrance and totally safe environment. 

If she rents it, we can take the house off the market and NOT have to leave.  

This possibility has me so excited and so much less stressed. 

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