Would you do bangs?

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Re: Would you do bangs?

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    No!!! Bangs are hard to keep up with, especially if she doesn't have stick straight hair. I'd just go with the bob - she's going to look adorable! 


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    No bangs! She is adorable btw :)
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    Maybe its because my mom was queen of cutting crooked bangs....and my sister had the bang/mullet...where the bangs started halfway back on her head....but I do not like the way bangs look on kids.  LOL

    She will look ADORABLE with a bob, no bangs! :)

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    Bangs rarely look good, either too long, too short, crooked, etc

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    Agree with all the PP's.  Bangs are way to high mainenance and unless you are a hairdresser and your DD loves to sit completely still, trimming them is very difficult.  I would cut it just above her shoulders, slightly below her chin, but keep it all one length.  BTW....she is beautiful.

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    Def NO I hated my bangs growing up and was so excited to grow them out.
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