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Hi there!  I thought I would introduce myself in hopes that this is a sticky baby and I get to stay here.

My name is Lindsay and I am 27 and live in upstate NY.  I got my bfp on the 27th after a mc of our perfectly timed baby in Sept.  I already have two daughters (5 and 3) and am looking forward to having a baby in the house again.  I have had two sets of betas done so far and all looks good.  I will go for an early ultrasound in two weeks and hopefully we will see a little gummy bear.

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  • Congrats and welcome! Lots of sticky baby dust to us both!
  • Congrats!! Sending lots of sticky dust your way!
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  • Congratulations!!!

    No. No.

    I really mean it.

    I always wondered what I would say to a pregnant woman who would walk into a pregnancy loss/grief support group and shout, "Hey ladies, I'm KTFU!!!" 

    I always hoped that I'd be the bigger person and say Congratulations!


    Congratulations! You are THAT person!!!



    And yes, I do wish you and all the lovely ladies here a very happy and very healthy 9 months, and that you all have healthy take-home babies in September. But, in addition, just for you Gorillakisses...

    I wish you a painful dose of hemorrhoids. 



    ETA: Oh, and before you nice ladies get all up in arms, she just did a drive-by BFP to a loss support board. Not cool.

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