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I love when adults can't get it together

C has a friend here from Chicago and we are supposed to go out and have dinner and hang out at a bar. We are heading that way now because it is an hour drive for us, but we just get a text saying they don't know when they will be at the meeting spot. I'm sorry that you think it is cool to just fly by the seat of your pants, but I can't do that anymore. I do not get it. 
i wish i could be joking but my dad is the music teacher at a church so he owuld be mad. we had sex, all the time how bad i know but we dont want to wait and he said GREAT OH KAY! and I was really feeling the wets? down there- too embarsed to say- but he acted like man.

Re: I love when adults can't get it together

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    DH just went out with his cousin. Who was an HOUR AND A HALF late. They're going to a concert. Or were anyways. Dh said they should be okay, and should have just missed the opening bands. Jeesh!
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    That drives me bonkers! Even my in-laws are perpetually about an hour late. I hate that crap!
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    I'm willing to give parents of young children a 30-45 minute window of acceptably late, but I think you should always let someone know immediately if you think you will be late so they can prepare themselves accordingly.  If you're an adult I do not think you should be late at all baring emergencies etc.  My sister's in laws are ALWAYS late and it's just because they can't be bothered to be ready on time and have no respect for other people's time either.  It's rude and inexcusable.

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