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First time scrap booking- need help

ok DH is going out tonight and i got 4 scrap booking kits for christmas- I have printed over 100 pictures out, I went crazy at Michaels and got glue, solid pages, printed pages, fun scissors and all accessory stickers....

sooooooooooooooo where do i begin?? LOL

do I set up the pages first? or do I pick out all the pictures first???? HELP im overwhelmed.

any websites that I can go to for inspiration?

Re: First time scrap booking- need help

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    It depends how you're going to organize everything. I'm usually a wing-it kinda gal. I do pages. If the photos are in chronological order, I just start at the beginning, pick the photos i want and go from there. GL! It's fun!
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    ok so i first picked a theme for my first book- which will be DH and I- how we met, and go in chronological order- like our first apt, when we got our dog, when we bought our house etc.....


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    have fun! I used to be a paper scrapper but I've converted to all digital now!

    I usually organize my photos first by page and make a list for myself of the pages I want to do. I used to do the books that you slid the pages into so I could do them in any order, then I just did a page as I was inspired by photos or embellishments. And put them in the right order later.

    I have a friend who does the page first and fits the photos in later, she had her daughters first year book done when she was only a few months old and just waited for pics to drop in.

    Even with my digiscrap I need my pics and they often inspire my design.

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    I like to organize my materials first, so that the layouts "make sense." I also tend to do mine either by chronology or around an idea, like "this spread will be about this or that holiday" or "these six pages are going to show a progression of events" or "all the concert tickets will go here, and all the sports tickets will go there, and the pictures in between will bridge the gap since some of the concerts happened at places where we also saw sports."

    The last thing I do is trim everything to size before putting it in place. That way if I mess up one thing, I can fix the other stuff around it instead of starting the whole page over because of my mistake.

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