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Weird day- cervix checked at work...

Definitely need to give you some background here... my RNP that I normally see through my doctors group is the mother in law of my coworker (who is 8 weeks pregnant)

All afternoon I was experiencing what I can only imagine is Lightening Crotch. I work at a bank so I am on my feet a lot and it only seemed to get better if I leaned forward or sat down. My coworker emailed her MIL because she was worried about me and got a message back saying it could be early signs of labor to call the after hours number. So I went into a side office and called and was told they would page the on call doctor and he would call me back. At that time I see my nurse practioner pull up and walk into the bank. She had gotten off work early and was in the area shopping so she stopped in to check on me. I explained the pain and she said it was probably BH but she couldn't be sure unless she checked me. So she went to the pharmacy next door and asked for a latex glove and we went upstairs to a private room and she checked me. Basically she said his head is down and low but that everything looked ok, no labor. We def. had a laugh about it and she said I was not allowed to have the baby at the bank because then her daughter in law would never want to have her baby. When we came down the stairs her DIL looked up and asked if I was ok and she said no, get some hot water and clean towels! The look on her face was priceless.

All joking aside, I went home early and was told to rest and hydrate and watch and time for regular contractions. I keep feeling the sharp pain in my crotch and its making me feel like I have to pee all the time but I don't think I've had any contractions. Basically I owe this woman a nice bottle of wine... I can safely say that is a first for the bank.

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Re: Weird day- cervix checked at work...

  • what an odd day! glad you're ok!
  • ha ha! that is funny!

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  • Not your average day at the bank ehh? Glad  everything is okay, Ive have lightening crotch all day too, dang these LO's!
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