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WWYD? RP from 3rd Tri

I have to start off by saying, I apparently have a non-typical pattern in terms of labor.  On Wed my cervix was 4cm and 80% dilated.  I had contractions all day and then yesterday, not much happened.  Today, I've had lots of painful contractions, but they aren't regular.  They do seem more intense and lasting longer.  I also have had lots of discharge, some with some light pink blood.  When talking to my doula, she said this is normal towards the end, as it is a sign that the cervix is dilating.  She suggested that I do kick counts to make sure the baby is still active.  I haven't noticed much movement, but I have been busy all day.  

The question I have is, that if I go to the hospital to get checked out and am 6 or 7cm dilated, then they will not let me leave.  So I could end up being in the hospital longer.  I also am strep B positive, so I know my OB wanted me to come in earlier than later so they can give me IV antibiotics.  

Would you go to get checked out or do you think I should wait until my body goes into "real" labor or my water breaks?  I do want to try to go as natural as possible.

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Re: WWYD? RP from 3rd Tri

  • I would wait until the contractions are less then 5 mins apart lasting for a minute each for over an hour.  or to the point that you cannot talk during a contraction
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