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My family is taking bets on my baby's sex!

My mom and my grandma have a $5 bet going about the sex of my baby. My mom says boy, my grandma says girl. This afternoon over lunch they shook on it and I sat as a witness to their "gentleman's wager".

LOL! My mom cracks me up. Big Smile

Elkanah Brave, born 02/06/2012 7:26am

Re: My family is taking bets on my baby's sex!

  • Too cute! Winner can treat loser to a delicious hospital cafeteria meal when LO arrives :)
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  • That is funny!

    Glad I didnt bet on my baby's sex, my whole family besides me was 100% sure it was a girl. Not me, I was so sure it was a boy, I would have bet alot on it. I was the one who was shocked when the u/s tech said I am 100% sure it is a!

    That just helps build the suspense for LO's arrival!


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  • Too funny! My family did the same thing over Xmas. My family of 12 has two bets going on birth day and weight. They are all written down and hanging on my Mom's fridge.
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