Do you test/replace batteries in smoke detectors at least once a year?

I'm always shocked at those who don't. It seems (locally, at least) fire deaths involve homes without working smoke detectors. It's a simple thing to do. Also, do you have a carbon monoxide alarm? We do , since we have gas heat and an attached garage.

Re: Do you test/replace batteries in smoke detectors at least once a year?

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    Yes, my dad was a firefighter so it was a rule in our house that the batteries get changed when the clocks change. We do have a CO alarm too since we have gas heat and a garage.

    It's such an easy thing to do but also so easy to forget about if you aren't already in the habit of doing it. I'll admit it took a little while for me to consistently remember to do it.

    Side note: how is your dad?

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    Ours are hard wired through our electrical system so no need to check them.  (as far as I know - Joe handles that stuff)!  :)

    And yes, we have a carbon monoxide detector. 

    And when they are hard wired, they ALL go off.  Once one starts, they all start.  And we have one in every damn room and one in the basement.  ANNOYING!  LOL

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    PSA - you are supposed to do them twice a year and a good way to remember is to do them when the clocks are changed back/forth.

    Clearly I didn't read the pp post!  oops!  :)

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    I test them more often because I'm paranoid. Ours are hard wired, but I replace the back up batteries.
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    Yes. Hard wired, but check the batteries. DH is a firefighter.
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    Yes we do, probably twice a year and yes we also have a carbon monoxide detector.
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    That reminds me we need to get more for our house.   

    We only have two I think.

    I keep meaning to do that.  Thanks for the reminder, GHM!  
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    I just replaced mine last week (I missed doing it for the time change). Call it overkill, but we have a CO detector that's a part of our smoke detector AND another one plugged into the wall in the same hallway. When DS1 was 18 months old I woke up with a headache and H had been sick for 2 days, and the CO detector started going off. Turns out our furnace was leaking. We never would have known if we didn't have the detector and who knows what could have happened to us, or worse, to our toddler! We just thought we were both coming down with something!
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    No, only when the fvcker beeps and beeeps and beeps. Need a CO dectector

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    D actually just did it. We test in January and June.

    We've got 2 smoke detectors and 2 CO detectors.

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    Yup.  We do it when we change clocks. And we have CO detectors on every floor. 

    We had a really bad scare a few years ago.  The CO detector went off in the basement.  We called the gas company and they came out and checked, the levels were REALLY high (birds nest in the chimney), we had to get out right away with the kids.  We only had a detector in the basement where the furnace was, if it had gone off when we were sleeping on the second floor, it likely would not have woken us up.  So now we have them on every floor, and an extra in our bedroom to make sure it wakes us up.

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    Yes! And we also do fire drills periodically. I took the kids to the fire station the other day and Emily told the man when we do a fire drill, we go to our mailbox.
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