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Sippy cup rules?

I am so confused about how to start using a Sippy cup... I always heard no formula in a Sippy cup but most people I know do it... We've tried water in a Sippy with no luck yet. Should I try formula. How did you get LO to use Sippy cup? 

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Re: Sippy cup rules?

  • I use formula in a sippy. Asher has been using one for a few months now during meals and snacks. I just handed it to him, he played with it a little, and I would help him get it to his mouth. After a few tries he began doing it himself.


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  • I put formula in a sippy...otherwise, I'm not sure how I would get her to drop all bottles by age 1, which is our goal.  If she was doing water in sippies and still getting formula in a bottle, it kinda defeats the purpose.  We are also waiting the full one year to introduce WCM, if that makes a difference?
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  • DS will only take sippy cup if there is ice in his water. He will drink cold juice mixed with water but his plain water has to have ice

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  • we have been giving DS formula in sippy cup with breakfast but water in it for all other meals, he will quite happily take it either way.
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