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Really? You like medicine?

My Daughter likes her medicine. She was given so many rounds of flavored antibiotics as a baby for ear infections she seems to think medicine is like candy.

A couple times a week, she will come to me and say. "mommy, I want my medicine."  I ask her why, and she says her tummy hurts, or her knee hurts or some part of her body. I can ask her "is your knee broken?" and she would say yes if it gets her medicine... UG.

Now, keeping in mind her medicine these days consists of tylenol or gas meds..... And it doesnt help that her daily vitamin is gummy bears. We call those vitamins though, and she asks for those constantly.

We divert her, but its hard to tell if she just wants a sweet treat or if something really is bothering her.

Anyone with this problem?

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Re: Really? You like medicine?

  • Yes, you described my DD...she LOVES medicine.  A friend mentioned I'm raising druggie and she'll like the harder stuff when she's older. It was kind of funny at the time and I hope it does not ring true.

    At first, I thought it was the flavored syrup meds. Then I bought a clear, no taste med and she still loved it. DD even told me it tasted like water and will ask for the water med. Maybe b/c it has a bear on the label? Also, if we give the baby med DD1 claims something hurts on her and she needs meds as well.  I think when the 'sick' season is over with the asking will diminish.  It did last summer.

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  • DD loves medicine too. She hasn't made up symptoms yet though.
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  • Both of my kids love medicine. DS asks for it (he does get Zyrtec daily, though) and now self-administers it (either with a little cup or syringe) after I draw it up. I think it's great that they are both so easy, especially right now since they are sick.
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  • imagefredalina:
    I could have written this post! "My moth hurts! I need medicine!" "My tummy hurts. I would like medicine, please!" "I need vitamins!" (We have a 2 vitamin a day limit, which she gets at breakfast; the recommendation is 3 per day but she gets a good varied diet so pedi agreed to do 2. She gets them both at breakfast and by lunch she's claiming we forgot it today, LOL!)

    My DS will do this too. If I ask him - does you ear actually hurt or do you just want medicine? He'll say - just want medicine! So, at least he's honest when I put him on the spot!  I've taken it as a sign that I need to be extra careful about where I put things and sure things are actually locked up where he can't get them. I used to have some of his medicine on a high shelf, but he could reach it if he used a tall stool to climb up. He never would've known it was there before, but now that he knows his yummy medicine is up there I've had to lock it up.

  • DS loves medicine.  He has been on reflux meds since he was six weeks old.  We were in the ER once when he had a bad asthma attack, and they thought they would have to give him IV steroids because most kids won't take them orally, especially when they can't breathe.  He took the oral stuff no problem, and we avoided having to put an IV in him!  He is sick a lot less now than when he was a baby, but I never have to worry about whether he'll take his medicine.
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  • Oh yeah, B had this issue bad a while back. He was teething something vicious and got obsessed with his Tylenol and Motrin. I found some Baby Orajel in the back of the cabinet and started using that instead, especially if I knew he wasn't in pain. He liked it too, but it was a tiny amount and I could say "you can only have it once or it will make you sick" and he'd stop asking for it after one application. I felt better about giving him superfluous Orajel than something that could kill his liver. 

    We also found different "medicines" for different pains (the obviously made up kind). If his feet hurt, he gets Calendula cream. Teeth get Orajel (the tiniest bit). Only nasty bumps/bruises or fevers get the "good" stuff, and then he's usually so uncomfortable he doesn't notice the flavor. 

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  • Yep, my DD is the same way. Between her Benadryl for allergies, Ibuprofen for 2 yr molars and a cold, and antibiotics for an ear infection she has had quite a big stretch lately. Now that most of that is done she will occasionally ask for medicine. I heard DH calling it "nummy medicine" once and suggested that probably wasn't the safest thing because we don't want her trying to get into the meds because she thinks they are "nummy".

    On a similar note, DD has also become obsessed with "Tissues". When she wasn't feeling well we were having a lot more cuddle/couch/TV time then normal. Somehow she connected this with tissues and wiping her nose. Now everytime she gets upset she wants a tissue. She will even call out for one when she wakes up at night. Not sure what I am going to do about that one. I can't really put them where she can reach or I would just find her room covered in tissues every morning. Plus it would get expensive. For now I am just hoping it is a phase and she'll forget about it eventually.

  • Oh my word. This exact thing is going on here.  I get the, "Mommy...mecidine, please." (that's medicine in toddler lingo). Just tonight he found a medicine syringe dropper thing on his changing table and I caught him with it in his mouth hoping to get the goods out of it (it was clean and empty).  I said to my H that this can't be
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  • LO doesn't ask for medicine, we have barely ever given him anything.  I will say though, the 5 to 10 times we've given him tylenol/ibuprofen, he has taken it no problem!
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  • Mine love medicine too... When one needs it and the other doesn't I have to make sure not to give it in front of the other...ifthey beg and im feeling worn out I have been known to shoot a syringe of water or a teeny bit of juice but probably only twice ever. Today was the best, dd said I need medicine and I said why, what hurts? And she kneeled down, touched her forehead to the floor, stood up and held her head and said, my head hurts! I need medicine! It was classic. I keep saying I want to give them that Nast yellow triaminic my mom gave us as kids and they won't ask for it anymore...but then they won't want to take it when they need it either...sigh.
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