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Baby Update

So, I went to the MFM this morning.  Tofurkey is now weighing in at 6lb 5oz and in the 51%tile, so they say.  However, on a positive note, if he were to be born now, she does not see any unforeseen issues at this point.  I go back to the OB on Thursday and will know by then if I have to stay on bed rest. 

The floors are finally being put into the nursery & kitchen today, you may have heard me b*tch about a leak that ruined both. 

I can say that I have some of the most amazing co-workers, I thought that the majority of my leave would be unpaid; however, I have been told that during this week, I have received over 11 weeks of donated paid time off.  This isn't including the 2 weeks that DH will be giving me or the time off that I have not yet used up. The kindness of some people just truly amaze me!!!  When I win the lottery this week, I will remember them!

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