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Joke was on us last night.

DS wakes up at 1:40. Fussing a bit. H goes in, gives him his pacifier, pats his back, leaves.  DS FREAKS.

So after a couple of minutes, H brings him in to me. I spend an hour trying to tame him. He's restless and fidgety. Then H takes him for an hour. Still restless and fidgety. I take him back, try to rock him and nurse him, take his temp (fine). He's still climbing/rolling all over me.

Finally, I get frustrated, tell him he needs to hang in his crib. Put him down, thinking that if he cries for a few he'll be more appreciative when we pick him back up and will maybe settle down more...

And the stinker goes to sleep and sleeps until 8:00.

I, of course, had to get up at quarter of 6.

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