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Has anyone fed ur lo strawberries yet? I was told not to till 1 year. But I ran out of grape jelly so I gave him strawberry jam that I had made a few weeks ago. He seems to like it.
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Re: strawberries?

  • We were told strawberries after 9 months. I put a little in her elbow pit first. If she was going to be very sensitive to it she may have had a reaction there.  Processed strawberries and fresh will react with the baby differently.
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  • I feed homemade strawberry puree all the time. I simply put it on the stove in some water and stir. He loves that stuff. I have done bits of uncooked strawberries but not too often. He hasn't had a problem with them.
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    Eh, I didn't know that you were supposed to wait until a certain point to introduce them. He's been chowing on them since about 7 months or so.

    It's supposed to be one of the more allergy prone items, but I think only if it's not cooked or unprocessed. I was only extra careful because my brother was very allergic.

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  • Are all berries a no-no? I bought some blackberries yesterday and my MIL said not to give them to her.

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  • Pedi said it was fine to proceed with everything except honey and peanut butter after her 9 month appt. She has also shown zero allergies to anything else.
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    Are all berries a no-no? I bought some blackberries yesterday and my MIL said not to give them to her.

    Blueberries are fine, blackberries and raspberries are in the same strawberry category.

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  • I've given Caroline raw strawberries for a few months. She loves them!
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  • He's had them since about 7 months, I think.
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