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I realize this is not a big deal but for some reason this just really got under my skin. Scott has been telling us that another boy at school has been eating some of his lunch.  We've told Scott that his lunch is for him--not to "share" or give his lunch away.  When DH took Scott in today, he just mentioned that Scott has been telling us others are eating his lunch but we aren't exactly sure what's happening or not (he's also been telling some tall tales lately).

The teacher then told DH that we needed to adjust what we are sending in for lunch--that there is too much sugar in it and that Scott is far too "active" in the afternoon (caused by the sugary lunch).  DH said that the only sugar in his lunch is from fruit and the teacher agreed that it is natural sugar but still sugar...OMG! You are telling me not to pack fruit for my child?!  You have GOT to be kidding me.  And don't even get me started on the lack of research support for the effects of sugar on activity levels...  He is a 3 year old boy.  He's going to be active.

OK, I'm done.  Just had to vent about an apple or an orange being "too sugary". (And yes, he has other food in there too--1/2 sandwich, milk, and a veggie)



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Re: DCP vent

  • Um yeah, that's crazy! I can't even fathom telling someone not to give their child fresh fruit?!
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  • That is ridiculous!!  If you were sending him with half his Halloween stash, maybe they should say something, but a piece o' fruit?  I would have some choice words for that individual.

    Geez.  Will has a kid in his class (4 and 5 yr olds) that somewhat regularly brings Taco Bell.  No joke.   

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  • Sheesh...I think that is ridiculous! Unless he is trading part of his lunch for candy, I think he's fine.

    Sounds like you send a very healthy lunch. My 3.5 year old is very active in the afternoon also. It's called not napping and being tired...can cause him to be very wound up. I just take my DS outside to run him around.

    If I were you, I'd suggest taking that very active boy outside to run around more. And definitely inform them you expect him to eat his fruit every day. Natural sugar from fruit does not cause hyperactivity!!

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