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I feel like an awful mom... but i am so bored!!

I am a sahm until march and i am bored out of my mind!! I still feel like I'm not sure how to play with ds and keep him entertained during the day.  I doesn't help that he is on eating/drinking strike which i find incrediable frustration.  

What do you do to play with lo??  what do you do

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Re: I feel like an awful mom... but i am so bored!!

  • aww i hear ya! 

    i find it frustrating when DS won't just play with one thing or stay in the same area...i find it so hard chasing him around the house!

    i feel like he's already bored with all his toys and frankly so am i! but he has so many there is no way i'm buying more! i don't want him watching TV or using my iPhone so i'm running out of ideas...

    go on the productive parent website and check them out...they have ideas sometimes that are pretty fun! 

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  • Sometimes I wish DS would move around.  He doesn't roll or crawl yet so we stay in one small area till I move him somewhere new. I think it is making him really frustrated because he can't get to the toy he wants and can't tell me to get it fir him.  I will google that website. thanks!
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  • WHen i was a SAHM i loved taking walks with lO.  We would spend about and hour to hour and a half walking or just sitting at the neighborhood park.  Take a book to read to LO and a blanket.  I took a lot of pictures as well!
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  • My advice--enjoy every moment.  I miss those moments I had with DS1.  Now with two--it's insanity and I feel like DS2 gets cheated.

    We took walks, picnics, park (loved the baby swing), trips to stores (loved the cart and looking around).  Would get new toys from time to time and have fun exploring those.  He helped with housework (LOL) around the house--- so like when you are dusting, hand him a plain rag and see what they do.  It's fun.

    Lots of reading

    Lots of picture taking


  • I understand, I felt the same way when I first became a SAHM (was a teacher and quit after LO was born). I'll give you my daily routine, lol...

    Morning -
    LO wakes up at 5 AM for bottle.
    Plays on rug while watching one morning cartoon show.
    Around 9 AM he has his breakfast (fruit and bottle - an hour later).
    Once he finishes food, he is usually tired and naps for 2 hours.

    Afternoon -
    He'll wake up around 11 PM and get his daytime clothes.
    I let him watch one show while playing (in my room) as I get ready for the day.
    We have mommy and me playtime.
    Lunch at about 1 PM (veggie and bottle - an hour later).
    Naps around 2:30 PM.

    Night -
    At about 5 PM he gets his dinner veggie. (I try to hold off his bottle until about 6:30)
    After his bottle, he gets a bath and a short playtime in his room.
    I will read him a book while I rock him and he is usually asleep by 8-8:30 PM.

    *Usually one or two times a week I try to get out of the house with him... We will usually go do grocery shopping on Mondays and then another day we visit Grandma (she lives about 5 minutes from us).
    *Right now I am really encouraging independent play time. I don't want him to depend on me to play once he starts getting older. I try to limit his TV time, but at least let him get one show a day during morning and night, then usually play a baby video at night while we play together.

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  • I totally get it! As a result, we are out a lot! On the rare days when we're home all day, I go totally stir-crazy. 

    We've done quite a few classes so I've met several other moms with babies around my twins' age. There are several who live quite close so we're able to meet up for walks or coffee. I also found something called Belly Bootcamp. It's a bootcamp for moms but we can bring our babies. We bring a mat and some toys and the babies hang out. If they get fussy, she modifies the exercise so that you can do it with your baby or she'll help entertain them! 

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  • I am a SAHM too, and to be honest with you, I enjoy feeding and changing Anna more than I enjoy playing with her.  The time goes by so slowly.  
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  • I try to get out most days of the week. The library has free programs, breastfeeding support groups (the one I go to has lots of non-bf topics to entertain us), I volunteer with LO helping a new Canadian learn English once a week, I go to a mom's group at church, and then I invite the moms I've met at all that stuff over or go out with them (take LO swimming, for example).

    At home, I don't really sit around gazing lovingly at LO. I cook, clean, read, etc. and he plays with stuff on the floor. When he gets bored, we go for a walk or will play for a while (read books, peek a boo).

  • Do you have an e-reader or an iPod touch or any other kind of portable media? If I get terribly bored, I sit on the floor with my LO between my legs and play Angry Birds or read my book. He's getting the satisfaction of self-led play and he's close to mommy, and I'm not bored out of my gourd.

    He also sits in his exersaucer while I cook and do dishes. For the most part though - I just tote him around the house with me and it's entertaining for the both of us :)


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  • the replys here are reassuring. I try to play with DD enough but it's good to know that you all actually clean, cook, get on your phones, internet etc....I sometimes feel guilty if I'm not keeping her entertained at all times even though I tell myslef it's good for her independence.

    To the OP. We do a lot of shopping. My case is a little different because I do work one day a week (Tuesdays) and on Saturdays. Plus my DH is off two days drung the week.

    I actually try to find the time to get stuff done with four of my days already being taken up since we of course do family type stuff or yard work on his two days off...We visit my parents on Sundays so that makes five days busy. On my remaining two days I clean, shop, prepare DD's purees and try to fit in any other tasks I need to do.

  • We have to get out of the house everyday.  We both go stir crazy sitting here all day.  I've created a schedule so that we have something to do each day - playgroups, swimming lessons, music class, library, errands, shopping, meeting friends for lunch, the park...something.  DS is much happier when we're out and about as well.  Don't feel like a bad mom.  Sitting at home is boring. 
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  • imageMommaA117:

    the replys here are reassuring. I try to play with DD enough but it's good to know that you all actually clean, cook, get on your phones, internet etc....I sometimes feel guilty if I'm not keeping her entertained at all times even though I tell myslef it's good for her.

    this.   thank you everyone fir the suggestions.  We use to walk every day and spend a few days a week at the lake.  But it is cold here now and the walks put ds to sleep and mess up his night. I am hoping the ice will melt soon and the sidewalks will be safer for me to walk with him in the baby carrier which might keep him awake more.

    Thank you for telling me I don't need to entertain him all day long.  I feel like a bad mom if I am not right down there with him but he likes to play alone as well.   I was also thinking I would let him watch a tv show once a day just to give him something different and maybe teach him some language.

    thank you! 

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  • I just became a SAHM 2 weeks ago after leaving my full-time job. I really enjoy spending my time with LO, but I go stir crazy if I don't have a few things planned for at least a couple of days during the week. I have us signed up for a Music Together program that starts in January and meets once a week, on Fridays I found a Mom's Support Group that is free at the hospital I delivered her at, and I'm keeping my eyes out for anything else that sounds interesting. I take her out for a walk or jog in the stroller almost every day just to get out and get some fresh air, too.

    I've been trying to encourage DD to play independently on the floor, but she's teething right now and is super needy. I'm able to carry her around in my Ergo to at least get a few things accomplished during the day though. When she gets bored on the floor, I read her a book or two or let her bang on my piano. I don't let her watch TV. 

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