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Daycare Letter help!

Ok, So I am now the president of our Daycare board (its a community daycare center - about 20 kids).  We have a few families who are behind on their payments and I need to send out a letter from the board.  Does anyone have any sample letters on this?  The daycare is fairly new and the last board president didn't have much to do with the actual daycare (really helpful let me tell you).   Any help is much appreciated.


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Re: Daycare Letter help!

  • You could do something simple like:


    Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms. Parent,

    It has come to out attention that you are behind on your payments. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide services for your child(ren) unless your account is up to date.

    Please remit $_________ by __________. If you do not bring your account up to date by this date, we will be forced to terminate care.  If you need to arrange a payment plan, please do not hesitate to contact _____________ to discuss your financial needs.


    Your DCP 


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  • I did a google search and found which has forums where DCPs discuss lots of things, including how to approach late fees.
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