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Can I have a crazy moment for a sec?

This is fair warning, that I realize I'm completely off my rocker but this just hit me.  I may not explain it the best so please bear with me.

I woke up this morning and thought "I'm going to have two kiddos in about 4 months...Wow!".  My next thought?  Will I be able to share the love?  I love L so stinkin much its crazy.  Will I be able to share that with the second? How on earth can I do this?

::zips flame suit up::

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Re: Can I have a crazy moment for a sec?

  • That's not crazy!  That's normal.  I would ask myself the same thing.  All you can do is take a deep breath and trust that the love will be there. 
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  • I think that's a normal thing to wonder.  When the time comes, you will have enough love.  ((HUGS)), mama.
    Lilah Eve---our angel in heaven: Born sleeping 12/2/09 @ 28w3d. We love you and miss you everyday, little angel.
    Isabella Faith---Born 12/17/10 via c-section.
    Abigail Marie---Born 11/16/12 via c-section
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  • Definitely normal, and, yes you can love another baby that much.  I have PPD and definitely didn't bond with Audrey right away but now it's an incredible feeling being able to love my 2 DDs so much. 
    DD1: 3/31/10 DD2: 9/7/11
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