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My son will be starting solids soon and I am unsure what types of plates/bowls are best to start with. Any suggestions would be great! I plan to puree food so I know I'll need the freezer supplies but how/what do you heat them up in? And how do you serve it?

THANKS ladies!

Re: Feeding

  • No plates or bowls here. She'd just throw them around anyway. Any solid pieces we just put on her high chair tray and let her pick them up. We'll cross the bowl/plate scene when she's using utensils.

    For making food I use these trays for freezing... I have no complaints. Cubes slide out easily & it cleans well. After frozen I store in ziplock freezer bags labeled and dated.

    When it comes time to serve I use a glass bowl to microwave. If I'm travelling or need to transport I use small Pyrex dishes with lids. I use a spoon to serve it if it's a puree or even a chunky puree. If it's a diced food just put it out and let her pick at it.


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  • We've only been doing solids for about a month, but I posted a similar ? and got some great recommendations. I also make my own baby food. Here is what we've purchased and what we like so far:

    Bowls:  We use the sassy one everyday - it's really easy to hold and has 2 compartments (I usually do cereal in one and puree in the other.  We serve some mixed together and some bites separate).  The spoon is all silicone and seems too flimsy for me, so I use the spoon from the Momo one (plastic with a silicone edge).  The Momo thing is nice, because the spoon snaps into the top for travel.  I haven't tried to travel with the Sassy one, but the lid doesn't seem to seal that tight.  I tried with the Momo and it leaked prunes all over my diaper bag.  I usually put my cubes in a ziplock if I take them somewhere.

    I thought we'd need duplicates, but really we just use 1 bowl, 1 spoon, and 1 bib.  It takes me 30 seconds to wash after he is finished and then we reuse it later that afternoon.



    Freezing Trays:  I freeze in these and then store in Ziplock bags.  I transfer my puree to a gallon ziplock, snip the corner and pipe into the tray. I only have 1 tray, so I freeze, transfer, and then pipe another full tray.  The lid doesn't seal, so it just makes for easier stacking.  The only advantage to these trays is the curved bottom of the cube, so you can pop them out easily and the cubes don't break.

    Bibs:  These Bumpkin bibs received great reviews on this board and Amazon, but a friend told me that the Target Circo ones are just as good, so we're using those.  They are 2 for $6 (compared to 3 for $12) and they easily wipe down and wash in the sink, just like the reviewers of Bumpkins say.

    Hope this helps!  Sorry for the long post, but I thought links might be helpful.

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  • Thanks ladies, seems like such a silly question but I'm new at this and want to make sure I have the bases covered!
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