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How long did it take your LO to "get" finger foods?

We just started giving DD finger foods the other far i've tried 1/4 pieces of puffs and diced soft sweet potato.  She enjoys picking them up and playing with them and she has done really well "chewing" them when I put them in her mouth, but she shows no signs of putting them in her mouth herself.  Did your LO's do this and how long until they started to feed themselves?
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Re: How long did it take your LO to "get" finger foods?

  • Mine did the same thing. I think it took her about a week to stop playing with it and actually put it in her mouth.

    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • My LO did this too! We started feeding her the puffs at about 7 1/2 months. We always let her have one in her hand and fed them to her. After about 2 weeks of this she now picks them up and puts them in her mouth. Do you cut up the puffs? We don't cut them up but give them to her whole and she does fine with them. Maybe they are too small for her? I did notice that when we first started giving them to her she couldn't pick them up with her finger and thumb but as she kept practice she could and that was when she started feeding herself. I have tried mushy banana pieces for her to eat but she gags on them so I haven't tried any other foods that she can pick up with her fingers. I'm a FTM and don't really know what to give her that she can gum herself and eat.
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  • I gave DD a piece of banana last week and she only played with it.  DH and I laughed because anything else she gets her hands on goes right into her mouth.  The banana never made it!
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  • Having the same issue here! We've been trying to get our son to eat finger foods but he only seems interested in playing with them. I put banana pieces, carrots, puffs, yogurt melts, peas and cheerios out for him during lunch and dinner while I feed him purees. He plays with them mostly but will eat them if I put them in his mouth. I was starting to worry, glad to know he isn't the only one! :)
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  • My DS refuses to let us feed him, so the only way he's eating right now is by feeding himself finger foods. With my DD, though, I want to say it only took a few days, maybe a week. We showed her with really exaggerated motions us picking up food off her tray and putting it in our mouths, and she got it pretty quickly.
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