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XP: My baby doesnt seem to like food...

My DD2 is EBF.  I introduced solids a week or so ago; I started with sweet potato.  She didnt seem to like it, next we tried organic brown rice cereal mixed with BM (at the insistence of my DH and MIL), then squash, and yesterday homemade apple sauce. All have been cooked by me, some I mixed with BM to make it thinner.  

I honestly can't remember whether DD1 was this hard to feed. I have photos of her first food, I gave her the same cereal first, followed shortly by sweet potato.  In the pictures she seems to be eating, lol.  

I know at this early stage it's just practice...but I'd just like to know if other LOs were resistant to solids in the beginning as well.  TIA

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Re: XP: My baby doesnt seem to like food...

  • MY DS is the same way. He is just now starting to eat better but is pretty picky and just eats a little before he gets real fussy. He closes his mouth, turns his head, etc. we have tried a lot of foods and it just depends. It seems to help if I wait at least 2 hrs after BFing. Just keep reminding myself food is just for practice right now and just keep trying. I have heard others have this issue and later it gets much better, not always a sign of things to come. Btw, my 1st didn't have this issue either. GL!
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  • Mine!

    She was very finicky in the beginning and would often refuse food for days at a time.  Now she's much better about eating but we still have off days.  Some days she eats three "meals" a day, some days -- like yesterday -- I can barely get her to eat one.

    I think it has something to do with being EBF and I often wonder if EBF babies take to solids later than babies who get bottles.  My LO has the same ambivalence about everything that's not the boob -- she could take it or leave it. 

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  • My DS is the same way, which was surprising to me because my daughter was nothing like this. She ate fine from the beginning, and he fights us every.damn.time. We have figured out that part of the problem is that he wants to feed himself rather than us feeding him. He goes crazy over puffs, and we've had success with sweet potato bites as well. Because of this, we're doing a kind of involuntary baby led weaning approach (straight to finger foods, no purees). He still has no teeth, so I worry a lot.

    FWIW, both my kids were/are BF, and their approach to solids has been completely different. 

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  • DS is the same way. I can't get him to take any purees. He did pretty good with cereal, so I may try that again to see if he will eat it but I have a feeling he wants to pick up the food himself too. He also doesn't have any teeth yet, so I'm a bit worried about having him eat himself. I just keep telling myself that it's ok if he doesn't eat solids now, it's just for practice anyway.
  • I thought DS didn't like solid food either until I realized he just wanted to feed himself! So we are also doing the baby led weaning approach - feeding finger foods and small bites of whatever we're having for breakfast or dinner. Too bad I realized this AFTER I went out and bought a pricey baby food maker! LOL
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