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3 Month old in SSC

My DS is 3 months old, and I am trying to decide which SSC to get, and if he needs the infant adapter.  He has excellent head control and can roll from back to belly.  He is around 13 pounds and about 26 inches.  We have a Moby and a sling, but find the sling a bit hard on the back, and DS doesn't like facing in, so I was thinking about a back carry.

 I am leaning toward the Becco Butterfly because it sounds like it has an easy and secure back carry which is appealing to DH who is a SAHD and will be wearing him most often.  One concern I have is that my LO screamed when I tried to seat him in the Ergo at Buy Buy Baby.  I think it was because he was uncomfortable with me pulling his legs around me.  Can I froggy his legs up in the Becco?  Is that what the infant adapter does?

 Sorry about the newbie questions!

Re: 3 Month old in SSC

  • I have an Ergo and a Beco Gemini, and I don't know how it's similar or different than the Butterfly II, but my understanding about why your LO might have been uncomfortable in the Ergo is because he is too young to be in that without an insert.  My understanding (from knowledgeable ladies on my local board, since Ergo doesn't really make it clear) is that it's not until about 5 to 5 1/2 months (age!  weight and head control not factors) that an infant can comfortably wrap their legs around you as wide as the Ergo requires.  But, you can easily prop your LO up on some rolled up blankets or use the infant insert within it until he's a little older (we still use the insert - pillow only though - for our LO, and he's 4 months and 19 lb).  For our Beco, the advantage of it (and reason it doesn't need an insert) is that you can fold the "wings" and snap them so that LO still doesn't have to wrap his legs as wide.  The carrier is just designed to accommodate a younger baby without an insert.
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