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Night routine, Ferber, night waking all in one post!

When we get back from vacation, I'm going hardcore with sleep training. I have a few questions- can you sleep train and offer a night bottle, or do I need to get her to drop it all together? She falls asleep on her bottle before bed no matter what- if it is an hour after her last nap, or three hours. Should I just rouse her enough to say good night and put her in the crib? The problem we have is with night waking- it could be once per night or 3. If she has been asleep for five hours or more, I will give her a bottle or nurse her- to adequately train her to STTN, do I need to ignore the wakings? She can cry for a loop pong time, the few times I tried to let her CIO, she would be up for 2 hrs crying, whining, and babbling. Sorry for the format, I'm on my iPad.

Re: Night routine, Ferber, night waking all in one post!

  • If you want it to work, I would suggest picking a method, buying a book and then sticking to whichever plan you've selected. Ferber's method can be quite effective, but no sleep training plan will be effective if you go into it blindly. Pick up a book.
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  • I have weissbluth, but he says a baby may need a night feed up to 9 months. Another book I have says they don't need it after 4. I wonder if it will be confusing to respond to one cry (nightfeed) and not the other.
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  • We're doing Ferber and I still choose to do one night feed.

    Make a plan, be consistent, and just do it. It's rough, though, so I really would read a book to prepare. If you just wing it, you'll cave if you have a stubborn baby like mine.

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