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How to teach "hands to yourself"? (ASD)

Z is driving me crazy with his grabby hands.  He squeezes my arms and my belly fat all the time.  While it is good motivation to get to the gym, it really is inappropriate behavior, and he is starting to do it to other people.  When he and his brother are jumping on the trampoline, he'll stand behind him, put his hands around his neck, and squeeze.  Again, something he should not be doing.  Any idea on how to discipline for this?  I'd love to do some positive behavior methods, but I am at a loss on how to do it for this issue.

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Re: How to teach &amp;quot;hands to yourself&amp;quot;? (ASD)

  • We've had problems with my ds keeping his hands to himself, but he was originally pinching us, not just touching or grabbing. We do 123 Magic, so for example if ds would squeeze dd, I would first say, "no, be nice" He understands be nice and he would lay his head on her to be nice and we would say, "yes, so nice". If he did it again, he got a "1". We usually don't make it much further than 1 and we never use the word "bad". If he would squeeze her hard enough that it hurt her and she cried, he got an immediate time out. The behavior was slowly phased out and over a couple weeks he stopped putting his hands on her. Now we have a problem with him rolling on dd and squishing her, and also he keeps trying to ride her like a pony. So we're back to the same thing again and he only does it once every couples days now  compared to doing it multiple times a day a month ago. It may not be what you're looking for, but it's worked for us.

  • 1-2-3 Magic has worked really well for us as well. I rarely ever get to "three" with DD1 now, although she often stretches things out to "two". ;) We've worked on the concept of "giving people/animals some space", which usually means taking a step or two backwards. 

    We've also been working on "gentle" with DD1 and our dogs since she was a baby, and that has carried over pretty well, with reminders, in other situations.  


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  • You may want to try doing some deep pressure massage on him when he does this.  It may not be a behavior issue, but him seeking out deep pressure.  My son started biting me and pinching a few times last month and my OT suggested when he tries to do some deep pressure and it stopped very quickly.  Now I try to do some in situtaitons where he is excited or nervous before he starts biting. 
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