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baby food ideas

I make my own baby food and I'm looking to spice it up a bit! My LO is almost 7months and loves her foods... I've done all the basic fruits/veggies and I've introduced chicken but serve it with veggies because it's gross!

What do you make for your LO?? I need some new ideas!


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Re: baby food ideas

  • Lately one of my daughters has been wanting a little more spice, literally. She hates all bland food, but loves spices. Her favorite combos are sweet potatoes with cinnamon and cauliflower with curry powder. Today we tried white bean puree with cumin. She just gobbled it up. 
  • Just check out the produce section at your grocery store! It's so good for them to get a range of foods at this age. Also, fun fact, different colored fruits and vegetables contain different nutrients, so it's good to introduce them to the whole rainbow. My LO is still pretty new to this, and we do BLW, but she's had apple (raw, baked, dried, and sauce), mango, broccoli (raw and steamed), zucchini (raw), carrots (raw), potato (baked), sweet potato (baked), avocado, lettuce, tomato, banana, eggplant (roasted), and cucumber. We want to try pumpkin, pears, asparagus, artichoke, squash, cabbage, cauliflower, and yams. Maybe parsnips or turnips.

    Oh, and low mercury fish would be good to introduce. You could also do some red meat, but I'd hold off on ham, because of the sodium content. We also have only done chicken so far, though.

    Lots of grains can make an oatmeal-type hot cereal, including barley and quinoa. Quinoa is one of the only non-meat sources of complete amnio acids, so it's very nutritious. We've just done oatmeal, but we want to try other grains soon.

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