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My twins were reunited for a Xmas pic! w/updates

Hi Ladies -

I haven't been on to update in awhile after my son's hypoxia episode but things have just been so crazy. He is making progress and is much more alert, but they are still worried about some neurological damage because he keeps his legs locked stiff and has lost some of his suck/swallow coordination. He just underwent a skin graft surgery (surgery #3 for him thus far :( ) for burns he got from a med used to resuscitate him. He is recovering but still in some pain. Good news is that he is doing well with his breathing (with the trach) so he is going to be transferred from the NICU to a rehab facility soon where he will be able to get a lot more OT/PT. They are just deciding if they are going to put in a G-tube before he goes.

DD is doing really well at home. She is getting much stronger with holding her head up and  she is eating like a champion!

My twins have never been together since DD was always so far ahead of DS progress-wise and went home almost 2 months ago. We aren't allowed to bring DD into the NICU, but for Xmas they let us break the rules for a quick picture. I was SOOOOO happy to finally see them together. Best Xmas gift ever!!

 Ethan & Avery Reunited:


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Re: My twins were reunited for a Xmas pic! w/updates

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