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Recruiting Duty?

So when my DH returns from this deployment, his time on station is up and we we have a choice of anywhere we want to go. We are currently at Camp Pendleton, CA. I'm from here - we live about 5 minutes away from my Parents, and to be honest, I love it here in Southern California. So if we want to stay here, he is likely to be put at a Recruiting Station locally. (We've been at Pendleton for all 6 years, so we can't stay on Pendleton). 

Anyone have any experience with Recruiting Duty? Pros/Cons??

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Re: Recruiting Duty?

  • Are you sure you would get to remain in the area?  I don't personally have experience, but I have a friend in recruiting (Air Force), and she got placed where they needed her.  It may be different for Marines, and also this was a few years ago.

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  • My H was never more miserable than while recruiting. He felt so separated from the real Marine Corps than when he was surrounded by 8412s. His hours were awful, I'd honestly say just as bad as they were in garrison. He hated seeing the games played, and I would never recommend it to anyone who didn't have a very specific personality. If YH wants to be a traditional S/NCO or O if he would be an OSO or area dude, then recruiting/selections is not the place to be. I live the Marine Corps a lot, but even I wouldn't want to sell it. I'd be the worst recruiter of all time, because I would hate to see punks get in, so I'd be crap at meeting my numbers. 
    I've seen a lot of military surprise homecomings. It wouldn't work on me. I always have my back to the corner and my face to the door. Looking for terrorists, criminals, various other threats, and husbands.
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  • Well his reenlistment incentive was choice if station, which he deferred until his time in station was up so we could stay in CA.

    He wouldn't be doing actual recruiting - he would be working the admin side of the office. But it still would be a major change in environment. We originally liked the idea so that he wouldn't have to deploy and miss out on more time with our LO ... but that's what my concern was - the extra long hours, etc.

    I'm open to any possible suggestions? 

    He was also looking into SOI on Camp Pendleton (but we aren't sure if they will let him remain on Pendleton)

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  • DH was on recruiting duty a couple years back. It really, really, really sucked. The hours were horrible, he was always on the road, and worked sometimes 7 days a week.He'd be gone sometimes from 6 in the morning until 7 in the evening on a good night.  I'm attracted to the idea of not deploying, but that really wasn't as much of a pro for DH because he sees that as a part of his obligations and duty as a marine. It was just the two of us at the time and I was working full time and in school full time, so it wasn't as bad as it would have been if I had been in the position for more quality time. He was never home. We rarely had a weekend to ourselves. He didn't get all of the holidays they get on base and I don't think we'd ever do it again. I'm not sure how the admin side works so I really can't say. But, if he's working as a recruiter you could probably kiss the idea of spending more time with LO goodbye because it just would not happen if his experience is anything like ours was.

  • I appreciate the feedback. He would definitely be working the admin side (thats his MOS), but I'll have to ask him to look into it more. In the past 3 years, he's been gone for close to 26 months - he's in special ops, so he's gone for deployments, workups, sere training out of state, riptoa's/handovers, and I literally just want him home for longer than a month or two. And I just think it is really disappointing that we waiting so long to have a child, finally had our LO, and then 2 months before she was born he was told he had to go as a replacement for someone else. But I understand it is life in the military, which is why after his contract is up he is probably getting out. So it really is a toss up at this point.
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  •  My husband just got recruiting duty as well, we will be stationed in VA, about four hours from our hometown. I have lived away from my family before so I can just tell you that there are good things about it.  I hear the hours are long, but it can be very rewarding as well. Hope this will help !
  • DH HATED it. We nearly got divorced over it. He is Army but I think the duties are pretty much the same for all branches. The hours were horrible. But at the same time if he really needed to be somewhere he could write it in his planning guide and such. He had to be at all these "after hours" events, like 4th of July firework things, the high school they recruited froms graduation. It was never ending. Plus that damn cell phone! One time he got called at 3 in the morning because a depp needed a ride home from work. No joke.

    With all that said now that he has been back to "the real army", as he puts it, he wishes he could go back to recruiting. At least he was home every night for the most part.

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