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Anyone have experience with the local milk bank?

Hi ladies FTM here. I am adopting a baby due in May and I found a link for a milk bank through Wake Med hospital. I was wondering if anyone has used this program and your thoughts. TIA

Re: Anyone have experience with the local milk bank?

  • Hi there!  Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that we are also adopting and the birthmother is due Jan 15th.

    We did check out the Wake.Med milk bank...but it is very expensive!  So, we turned to HumanMilk 4 HumanBabies in NC website (or thru FB) and solicited donors that way. Of course you have to do your own research and ask medical history questions of any potential donors...but it is FREE. I think their 'sister' website is EatsOnFeets - NC.  something like that.

    GL! and Congrats on adopting!!

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  • Not sure if you'd be intrested, but it is possible to induce lactation if you wanted to consider nursing or pumping to feed the baby. You could talk to a dr. about it.
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  • Thank you ladies. I will check the website out. Unfortunatly, I have been told that is not an option for me to do it myself for medical reasons.
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