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Just think, next year we will have 8 month old babies at Christmas!

I thought about this so much this weekend. I kept getting told how I will get no attention next year, which is likely true, haha. But, that made people spoil me this year. My sister got me a Tiffany's necklace that says Mom on it, it was so sweet  I cried. (She spent way more than usual on it, but so special!).

I also kept thinking of the new traditions I want to start with DH next year. I am hoping I can convince him to wake up Christmas morning in our house each year. Christmas day is so hectic for his family, I was exhausted by 7 pm, I can't imagine with a baby, much less a baby who will have no place to sleep.  We shall see, we have plenty of time to plan for that.

Anyone else thinking of making changes next year?

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Re: Just think, next year we will have 8 month old babies at Christmas!

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    Keeping the morning open is DEFINITELY the way to go.  It was so fun this year to take our time getting to where we needed to be.  And even with taking our time, we were still at MIL's by 10am! 

    The big "change" that let us do that was making the decision to eat breakfast at our own house.  That way, we weren't holding anyone up. 

    8 months was such a cool age for DD#1.  I'm excited!

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    We always get up early on Christmas day, but there are some traditions we started this year that we want to do every year with our child.  *Decorate a gingerbread house together on Christmas Eve and *Bake cookies the morning of Christmas Eve to leave out for Santa at night

    Things that we already do and will continue: *Christmas morning DH makes us hot chocolate to drink while we sit in front of the tree and open gifts. *And my mom always bought us pajamas that were under the tree to open on Christmas Eve so we could wear them to bed.  *My parents also always play Christmas music while we open gifts, and we have a huge family breakfast afterward so I am carrying all those on as well

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    Every year, we've traded off Thanksgiving and Christmas. We do Thanksgiving at either my parents or his and then do CHristmas Eve and CHristmas at the other house. Since we're teachers, we can then go visit the other set of family after Christmas. We live 2 hrs from his parents and 4 hours from mine. Next year, we'll still do the Thanksgiving alternation, but we're doing Christmas Eve and Christmas at our house. Then the day after Christmas we can drive to one set of parents for a few days and then the other. I don't want ot travel on the actual holiday once we have baby girl.
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    The idea of having 3 kids next Christmas sounds like a lot of work!!!  lol  Especially one being almost 4, one being 2 and the other being 8 month (almost 9 months) old. 

    We have been doing Christmas morning at our house since we had DD#1.  We will do it at our house every single year unless we are on a family vacation.  I loved waking up as a kid in my own house on Christmas morning and I want that for my kids too!

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    My boyfriend and I talked about this over the weekend. We will definitely be spending Christmas morning at our house but i would like to be at our house most of the day so he can nap in his own room and hopefully have an easier day but I'm not sure if we can pull that off.

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