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Nursing Bra Awesomeness!

So a couple weeks ago, I asked you girls about your fave nursing bras and where to buy them.  I just wanted to say thanks because I am SO happy and comfortable!  I went to and bought a couple of Hot Milk bras 25% off, and free shipping, and man, I feel like a woman!  :) 

These are the ones I bought:

Destruction Followed Her

True Love


This website is really cool too because it has detailed directions about sizing and fit, and commentary on each bra, a substantial selection, free shipping always, a good return policy, and 10% off for returning customers.

BFP#1 "Watermelon" born 3/2011
BFP#2 "Pumpkin" 7/14/12 ~ EDD 3/23/13 ~ Natural M/C 8/3/12 @ 7 weeks
BFP#3 "Pineapple"  born 4/2013
BFP#4 "Grapefruit" EDD 3/29/16

Re: Nursing Bra Awesomeness!

  • I live within 15 mins of that store & bought all my nursing bras there. Still buy regular bras there too since they carry my odd size. :) Love them!
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