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XP: dropping a pump (ECUGirl come in)

I posted this on the BFing board but no responses...

 When I was home with DS2 for maternity leave I built my stash for going back to work by having him nurse on one side for the first feed of the day while I pumped the other side.  I've kept this up and want to stop within the next few weeks (my stash is at about 1300+ ounces and I'm running out of room for it).

I'm trying to figure out how to drop this pump.  If it was a regular 2 breast pumping session, I'd just slowly reduce the time, but this one is a bit different.  I essentially have 6 oz of milk in each breast in the morning--DS2 nurses 6oz from one side and I pump 6oz from the other.  I alternate which side gets pumped/nursed.  So how do I go about dropping the pumping part? I want to go slow b/c I easily get clogs and mastitis. I want to essentially go from each breast producing 6 oz to each one producing 3 oz (DS2 nursing on both sides, getting about 3 oz from each side--this is what he does for most other feeds).

Any ideas?

(I think ECUGirl did this pump while nurse strategy--how did you stop?) 


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Re: XP: dropping a pump (ECUGirl come in)

  • Yeah, I did that, but I didn't continue it after I went back to work. Once I returned to work, I dropped that pumping session altogether, so I didn't have to drop it later. I never had mastitis or clogs, so when I wanted to drop a pumping session, I just did it and dealt with the engorgement for a few days. It was uncomfortable, but it worked for me.

    What if you drop the pump, and see if DS will nurse on the other side, just enough to provide some relief? And if he won't, maybe you could still just stop pumping at 3 oz each day? I'd assume your supply would adjust within a week, and if you're still pumping 3 oz, it should prevent much discomfort.

    (If this doesn't make sense, forgive me. I'm super tired today.)

  • Thanks ECUGirl!  I'm thinking the only option of going slowly is to have him nurse on both sides (like he does for most other feedings--treat it like a regular feeding) and then double pump afterward, slowly reducing the time I do the pumping until I just drop it.  I just hate this being the way I have to do it because it will be more work but I guess the pay off is not having to do it all anymore.  :)  And he'll get more foremilk until everything adjusts but it should just be temporary.

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  • I would just have him nurse from both sides and drop the pump, see what happens.  If you're so uncomfortable you can't stand it, then pump just a little to get some relief.

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