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Thank you ladies!!!

Thank you for all your prayers for my bil.  I talk to him alot because, for some reason, he can talk to me.  I think it's good that he's talking. 

Right now, his friends family has involved him in the funeral planning and such which is keeping his mind busy.  He's decided to do the eulogy (sp?) at the service.  He did the same for my bil when he died.  Kev just said that this is the last thing that he'll ever be able to do for his friend and he didn't want it coming from the minister as some generic statement about Doug. 

I told him that he's a very strong person to do that and that he'll get through this.  I do worry about him when all of the funeral arrangements and the service is over tomorrow and he has to go back to the cabin where he's been living.  I don't know that he'll stay there.  I would guess that he'll move right away. 

Please continue to pray for him - he's going to need it.  He's got a long hard road ahead of him. 


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