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Family with a cold @ Christmas...

So I decided to warn family that DS2 is coming down with something since we're hosting Christmas Eve tomorrow night. I sent out a general email, just saying I was throwing it out there and people can decide on their own what to do, saying he doesn't have a fever or isn't bad (yet).

So DH's aunt emails me back and says that they won't be there, they all have colds. But see us on Christmas. Um. Awesome. So I wrote her back nicely and just let her know not to take it personal but i'll be keeping my distance. How even the slightest cold ends up a mess for me since I can't really take meds that would actually work. Glad we're only spending an hour at MIL's to see them. Hopefully we'll just miss them one way or the other. I'm sure that response will make me come off as a *** too. But whatever. I know right now she's saying "no meds?" because her son's GF who was pregnant smoked, did drugs, and drank while pregnant so I probably seem over the top. Huh?

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