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 I am very new to Los Angeles and I need to find a pediatrician, any recommendations would be great.

 Thanks so much!


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  • We're using Dr. Rebecca DiMundo, who shares a practice with another excellent pediatrician, Dr. Jeannie Weiss, 310 829-3525.


    I also recommend the practice of Dr. Sharon Kaminker (pronounced KAH-min-ker) & Dr. Chiaki Jutabha, 310 829-9935.  We really liked Dr. Kaminker after meeting her but just vibed with Dr. DiMundo a little bit more.


    Good luck!

  • Thank you!!!
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  • Second vote for Dr. DiMundo.  She's fabulous in so many ways... she's helped us with issues and is very available.

    We also interviewed and liked Dr. Ruby Huang. She's a bit older and in private practice alone but seemed great.

    I can't stand the UCLA system... love some of the docs but wouldn't consider Dr. Kamiker because of the UCLA system.  I've also heard her wait time are horrendous. 

    Dr. Tyler Krohn is supposed to be great. He left UCLA and is in private practice.  However both Dr. Krohn and the well-esteemed Dr. Jay Gordon won't bill insurance for you.  So you have to pay out of pocket and then be reimbursed.  For me that sounded like a nightmare so I didn't consider them.  But poeple love them both.

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  • We use Dr. Hamilton and love him. He is really great with babies and always gives great advice. You can tell he really has a passion for what he does.

    We interviewed Dr. DiMundo too, but weren't very impressed. She made everything seem like a hassle and didn't seem to love what she did. Maybe we caught her on a bad day, but she said in an emergency if it's the weekend she'd send us to other doctors who may/may not take our insurance and we weren't down with that. She also wouldn't even come to Cedars to discharge the baby, so we didn't feel compelled to sign on with her.

     We also liked Dr. Tyler, but didn't want to have to deal with the insurance companies. I use an out of network ob/gun and that's enough paperwork! 

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