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nbr: t-shirt quilts

Hey ladies...

Do any of you know how much the going rate for a t-shirt quilt is?  Or what about a memory quilt?

I have a friend (aquaintance) that wants me to make her a t-shirt quilt out of old t-shirts and this is something I am def interested in doing soon, but I don't even know how to decide how much to charge.

tia :) 

Re: nbr: t-shirt quilts

  • I would look around on etsy to get a price range and idea.  That's what I usually use for things like that.  A friend of mine is making her daughter a quilt out of her receiving blankets.  Post yours afterwards. Sounds cool.  :)
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  • I ordered one from www.campusquilt.com

    Check it out for prices.  They might be on the pricey side, but it was so worth it!


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  • I ordered one last year from Etsy, and paid $11 a square for a Tshirt quilt.
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