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My Beautiful Beggining

My Labor & Birth Was Pretty Quick. iHad Some Discharge And Went To The Doctor And He Said It Was Nothing Big. This iWasent Going Into Labo Yet. Next Day iWoke Up And iWasz Lying In Bed With My Sister And She Said "Your Ganna Have Her Today Just Watch" That Day Wasz My Due Date, iDidint Think iWasz Going To Have Her That Day After Wjat The Doctor Saidd, iFelt More Discharge Come Out So iGot Up To Go Clean My Self And When iWhiped Myself... It Was Blood. iWas So Confused. iTold My Sister && iShowed Her. She Said "ITS TIME.!!!!" A Few Minutes Later iStarted Getting Contractions. By The Time iGot To The Hospital iCouldint Walk! iWas In So Much Pain. When iGot There They Told Me iWas 2cm Dialated. 5 Minutes Later iWas 5cm Dialated And 5 Min After That iWas 10cm Dialated. They Came In With The E[idural And Then... Time To Push. iPushed 3 Times And Then... On December 31st At 3:49Pm My Little Angel Was Born. At 7lbs 14oz And 20In. Her Name Is Luz Marisela Villarreal. She Is My Worldd.

Valeria Vllarreal


DD#1 11.7.07 - DD#2 11.2.10 (3rd Tri Loss)- DD#3 4.18.12

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