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Beau had his long awaited speech therapy appointment today. Within minutes of sitting with the therapist who was trying to interact with Beau to no avail, she began asking questions.

Does he respond when you call his name?
Does he look at you?
Does he talk? What words does he say?
Does he spin objects or line them up?

Some of you know the routine...She then looked at me like she was trying to find the words. I couldn't help but blurt out that we were taking him in on Thursday to see a child psychologist for an Autism diagnosis or other. She stated that we caught this early and early intervention is the key and that from her stand point he qualifies and will need many therapies.

As I left the doctor I broke down in tears. Why? I dunno I think because for the first time someone other than myself said Autism. So now we sit an wait until Thursday for our diagnosis. My problem with all of this is that I feel so alone. If one and 150 children are affected than why do I feel so out there with my child. I feel like I should have fought more in the beginning and feel horrible that I didn't. Thank you to all of you for your support. I have been following the Autism threads and begin another journey with another SNC.

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  • I'm so sorry you feel alone. You aren't! There are many support groups you can talk to if you want. I saw your post the other day and was going to send you a message of hope. I'll keep you in my thoughts. You are doing the best for your child by getting the help he needs.
  • I looked up ABA in AZ and it looks like it is one of the states that is on board with the therapy. Where do I begin to find such therapy? Do I ask the psychologist? Do I wait for AzEIP (EI)?

    Are there any resources you can get for the state of Arizona? Besides ABA what can you recommend for me to do first. I want to do this the right way, I hate not having control. Sorry my thoughts are everywhere tonight.  
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  • Hi :)   I just want to say that you are not alone!  There are MANY kids with some form or another of autism!  Be proud of yourself.  You caught this three months earlier than I did!  My son was 25 months when I finally figured it out and like I said, we had to wait another 5 months to get the dreaded label. 

    It's hard, really hard to hear the "a" word.  My husband and I both felt lost, alone and extremely terrified as I'm sure you do too.

    You're doing the right things for him.  EI comes first.  After you get the diagnosis appointment you can start the other things.  PA calls ABA therapy Wraparound.  We couldn't start those services until he was officially diagnosed.  Early Intervention should be able to help you once Beau is diagnosed.  Also, like I said, don't forget to apply for the medicaid card and SSI.  Your family deserves these things.  Autism is not easy by any means.

    I was completely stuck on his future.  My dreams of him going to college and getting married crashed right before my eyes.  I grieved the loss of my dreams for him.  I cried daily for at least two months straight.  It's painful, but then I had to pick myself off the ground and I became his therapist.  I watch exactly what the therapist do when they are with him and reinfornce their actions while I'm home with him.  My son has made great progress.  Yours can and will too.  I can tell your a loving mother and will work with him.  Keep that in mind.  It's not your fault and it's not his fault.  EI and ABA will help you to be able to communicate with him.  Listen and take in everything they tell you.  Read books.  It helps to hear of other moms that helped their kids.

    Books that I've read (this is only some of them)

    Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism by Catherine Maurice  -  This is a book to help you with in home ABA.  It helps you run the program in your house with him.  This is a big book and an extremely long read.

    Let me hear your voice by Catherine Maurice  - This woman had to children with Autism and recovered them both  (It can happen!)

    What you can do right now to help your child with autism - Jonathan Levy

    Louder than words - Jenny McCarthy  ( I know a lot of people think she's a dumb ho, but until your in her shoes...)

    Unraveling the mystery of autism and pervasive development disorder:  A mothers story of research and recovery

    Special diets for Special kids (and there is Special diets for special kids two) Lisa Lewis - These are books that explain a GFCF diet and receipes

    I hope this helps.  Just know that your not alone!  You have my email if you want it or need it.  I'll even give you my phone # if you want to talk to someone. 

    Even when you get the label, your child is still the same boy that you know and love and he isn't a label.


  • Hi,

    My identical twins are on the autism spectrum and if your child does have autism you will hear the phrase on the spectrum alot. my boys have pdd-nos which is a form of autism pervasive diagnostic disorder. They dont really have tantrums but they only know how to say mama and dada and my Joey just said baby the other day. I must say though when I found out they had Autism I felt a major loss and heartbroken but as weeks went on I read all I could about autism and told myself that whatever this is I will do the best for my boys and I bet you will do the same if need be.  Lisa

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