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Ms. Y: are you still here?!!

I still want to see more pics of Nate!! How is he doing?!!!

Re: Ms. Y: are you still here?!!

  • Hey there --- I was just thinkng about you! Hos is your sweet boy?

    Let me try pic link again!

    Good news -- went to the doc yesterday and Nate is officially off 02!

    I have a question for you  - when did Caleb start smiling? I an starting to worry a little bit - I get nothing from Nate - I am not even sure he's looking at me. Do DS kids smile later?

  • Thats great news that he's off the 02!!!!
    Hmm I think C started smiling around 1 1/2 months..I believe it was actually on MH's birthday, and he missed it! lol
    Honestly I wouldn't be overly concerned yet.. He'll do EVERYTHING a typical baby will do, just at his own pace!
    C is such a happy baby as most kids with DS are so once Nate starts smiling, he's not going to stop!! :)
    I'm going to check out the pics!!!
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  • OMG what a cutie!!! He looks like he's kinda smiling in one of the pics!
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