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Hi ladies.  I was sent here from the 6+ month board. 

Does anyone's baby's have seizures? My baby was diagnosed with them today and we are starting medication this weekend. We had an abnormal EEG this afternoon and are going for an MRI next week. Anyone have any experience with this? What is your prognosis?

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Re: Seizures?

  • Hi, I responded on the preemie board but will over here as well: My son was born at 37 weeks as well, perfect pregnancy and seemingly "normal", drug free vaginal birth. At around 5 hours old he started having apnea spells and was taken to the NICU where he continuously went "dusky". A CAT scan was done which showed brain swelling. He had a spinal tap which ruled out an infection. Late r that night he had an EEG which showed 2 seizure activity waves( only on EEG, he never clinically had a seizure). Noah was started on phenobarb and spent 5 days in the NICU. He was weaned off the phenobarb by 3 weeks and has been fine ever since. Noah is now almost 10 months old. We have been checked out my a neurologist and a geneticist. The final verdict is that they presume he suffered from some sort of birth trauma at some point during labor and delivery. It has been a LONG HARD road the past 10 months, but Noah is currently growing, thriving, and developing 100% NORMAL, and actually "advanced" in some areas. My biggest issue is he is not a big eater or napper =) I blog: parentdise.blogspot.com, feel free to post over there and we can chat if you'd like, best of luck, I know how scary this is!!!!
  • My son does. He was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms when he was 3.5 months old. He went on ACTH (a steroid) and they stopped within a few days. He has since suffered two partial atonic seizures (where his body goes limp as opposed to going stiff) but those have been controlled with Keppra.

    With Infantile Spasms, the prognosis varies from child to child, but most of them do go on to develop other more manageable seizure types. We were very lucky that the spasms stopped quickly so so far there haven't been any serious developmental delays. As far as the other seizure types, as long as they are controlled pretty quickly most children go on to lead 'normal' lives. We won't be totally out of the woods as far as watching for seizures until he's a young adult.

    Good luck with the MRI. I thought it was a bit of a scary experience. Because my son was so young, they had to put him under but he did really well (other than pulling out his IV while he was in there, but that's just because he's feisty!).
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  • I have triplets and my identical girls have seizures.  They were dx with Infantile Spasms.  They both have had EEG's and now after a month and a half Anna, the first one to be dx is seizure free on topamax.  They both are scheduled for MRI's in September to make sure their is no underlying cause.  If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask me!
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