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I always knew his behavior was different.  (It is kind of hard to explain. ) I had everyone telling me "Oh he is just a boy" "He is a kid, all kids all wild" 

On top of his ADHD, he also gets anxiety when there are huge crowds of people around him.  If we go to the store he is fine, but if we are at a house with 30 people in it, he will have a "meltdown".

In pre-school he was not focusing on what the teacher was telling him, not finishing his work, walking around the classroom doing a million things at one time.  At home, he would run around like a crazy kid, not listen, he would never sit down to do his pre-school homework.

It seemed like he always had to be busy doing 10 different things and always running around.  Honestly, the only time he sat still was when he was sleeping.

I took him to a psychologist and that is where he diagnosed him with ADHD.  I had to fill out a form and his pre-school teacher filled out a form as well.  There were really no "tests" invloved.

If you have any other questions, I will gladly answer them.  Good luck with everything.


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  • Thanks!  My SS is a great kid, but we are worried with his focusing.  Today we had him sit down and practice his writing, took him about an hour to write 4 senteces, he was not in the mood to do it, so he wasn't focusing.  I finally told him what he wrote was good enough and he could stop.  I didn't think it was a good idea to push him into writing if it was only going to aggrivate him.  My SD has a focusing problem too, but hers is more of a distraction from other things, his to me seems very different.

    I think we will watch him over the next few months, then possibly bring it up to his mom, see what she says, then go from there.

    I know if something is wrong it is very difficult to fix it later.

    I am actually borderline ADHD and have the hardest times sometimes.  I will be in my power wheelchair, focus on something, and almost drive off the sidewalk.  Scares DH a lot sometimes.
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  • Hopefully things get better, but if not, I would bring it up with his mother. 
    If you have any more questions, I will glady answer them.

    Good luck :)

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