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My RE responded to my email but didn't provide much info. She did comment that your are more likely to ovulate if you stop lupron. I hope that hasn't happened in your case. How did your ER go? I hope you had a very nice nap. I've had those drugs when I had knee surgery. Best nap ever! When you get the chance please let me know how everything went and how you are feeling. I'll be sending good thoughts your way!
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Re: hannah&ben

  • Hey - I am so sorry I didn't get back to you sooner!! I live outside of Cincinnati and we got hit by a terrible windstorm Sunday and lost power.  We still don't have power at our house and are staying at my inlaws (fun stuff let me tell you).

    Anyway - thanks for getting back to me about the email.  Fortunately I did not ovulate.  Yesterday we got 16 eggs at retrieval which was a nice surprise! We were only expecting 10 :)

    We got our fert report this morning too.  Out of the 16 eggs they ICSI'd 13 (we have no MFI it was just for the PGD) the other 3 were not mature. 

    Out of the 13 they ICSI'd - 12 fertilized and 1 didn't do anything.  2 of the 12 that fertilized were abnormal though - they were triploids so they discarded them.

    Soooo - as of today we have 10 little embies growing. We get our next update Thursday (day 3) after they do the biopsies for the PGD. 

    I'm not convinced we're gonna have anything left by Saturday but I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

    Thanks so much for letting me talk to you about all this stuff!!

  • Hey, that's GREAT news! 10 embies is wonderful! And out of those 10 you just need 1 good one, right? Please let me know how everything goes. I'm so excited for you!
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  • Well - we're actually hoping for 2 good ones :)

    I will definitely keep you posted!  Today is going to be hard because we don't hear anything at all - it's gonna be a long day :)

  • Oh those embies are working very hard right now. They're divas- they don't want to be bothered so the best thing to do is just leave them alone. Twins, huh? Are you also going to find out the gender before transfer? You're insane ;P
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