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Yeah for Good Doctors Appointments

Jake met with the neurosurgery team this past thursday and they are extremely pleased with his progress.  So pleased, we don't have to go back for 6 months.  We will go back right around his 1st birth (I'm blown away though that he'll be 1 in 6 months, sometimes I feel like I was still pregnant with him yesterday.)  At that appointment we are having an elective MRI done, the MRI will show all parts of Jake's brain and the surgeon will be able to determine if there are parts that are damaged or missing from his hydrocephalus.  I am already nervous about the results because it seems like they will be so final. However, Jake saw his pediatrician yesterday and he said he honestly believes Jake's brain is fine, not damaged or missing parts, which is wonderful!  He says Jake is developing where/when he should be appropriately.  We are so very excited about all of this.  The first 4-5 months with Jake were very rough and pure hell if I might say, but now things are looking up.

We have an appointment with the eye doctor tomorrow to check the nerve development in his eyes, I sure hope our report tomorrow is as good as our previous ones!

Re: Yeah for Good Doctors Appointments

  • That is wonderful news! Praying today goes just as well as yesterday. What a handsome little man!
  • That's so great! I was just thinking yesterday how much better life has become as DD gets older. I totally agree that the first 4-5 months were hell. I felt so lost, helpless and scared. I hope you only get more good news from now on!
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  • Glad to hear things are going well!
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