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Delivery after hurricane Rita

We live in central Louisiana. Luckily we didn't loose our home. During hurricane Rita I went into labor. I was too scared to drive during the storm (we live and hour away from the hospital) so I was feeling it for a good 10 hours. At 10 mins apart I gave up and made my hubby drive me. No phone service and no cell phones.

Get to the hospital and NO open delivery rooms. All the pregnant women evacuated from New Orleans had filled them up. Thank God, after a few mins a woman gave birth and we got in. Then NO water! The nurses are packing it in buckets. I went to plug up my radio (soothing music cd) and can't b/c the whole hospital is running on back-up generators.

I had a very quick and easy birth. My little girl beautiful and healthy after 8 mins of 5 pushes total. 

THEN, a nurse comes running in the L&D room pushing a wheelchair....."Girl you gotta get up and it this chair now! There is only one room left. Whoever gets there first gets to stay and the other gotta go home WITHOUT the baby!"  Well, needless to say, my butt got in the chair. lol  We are going down the hall and another nurse comes out pushing another mama. AND THE RACE IS ON! It was too funny. The nurses are power walking racing to the room and I had the coolest nurse b/c she broke into a jog and we won! (SO sorry to whoever the other mama was) They were not happy.

I couldn't take a shower until the water came back on (the next morning....eewww) but after that we brought home a great hurricane gift.

Lorelai Rogue L.  She's our hurricane.


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