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The VEST - me just venting

Okay this is more of a vent and I just had to get it off my chest. Cash has been sick and has been going to Pulmonology since Wednesday for (cpt) Vest treatments, yesterday of which was TWO hours. Luckily my four year old is pretty self sufficent and can easily entertain himself.
Here's the pity me part. Curtis has to work today and can not get home so I can take Cash without Beau (23m). He runs down the halls screaming in happiness. Problem is I can't hold Cash , run after Beau all at the same time. I am beyond stressed!

I know that if I do not take Cash he will get worse, possibly ending up in the hospital, he is SICK. But I can not watch three kids in a room with nothing to do, while holding Cash on the vest. Yesterday I tried putting him in his stroller and he flipped. He wants to be held and when I sat him on the floor he shook his way over.

I have been frantically going through my house wondering what to pack for beau to keep him interested. I can't just take Beau to someone's house, he has such anxiety and will flip. Vent over - my fault for having three children.

Re: The VEST - me just venting

  • Oh hon - I'm sorry - that cannot be easy!!!

    Do they have any volunteers or anyone where you go that could help you with the kids? I know at our children's hospital they have "child life specialists" whose job it is to come and help entertain kids (for patients and for their siblings).

    I hope that it goes better than you expect.

  • I was just going to repeat what Hannah wrote. You need another adult to manage that mayhem. Even if it's just a little old lady who works at the info desk who can come and walk around with Beau. Contact the volunteer department or social work at the hospital. They must have a way to help.
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  • They do at the main hospital, but we are going to the "office" part of the hospital. I think my kids have eaten this months of dumdums at the office.

    Typically I have a nurse on Tuesday, which is much needed, which is why Curtis went out of town for work. However, the nurse (who is actually great) is out sick today. Which leaves me with my monsters.

    I literally packed poker chips in a plastic container, he puts them in and out, Beau's stripper bead necklaces he collects from anywhere...he like shiney things lol. And one of those peg games from cracker barrel - his favorite. However, I have the funny feeling he will hate them all once at the appointment!

    Thanks for the well wishes, I figured now I better just suck it up!

  • Im not in the SAME situation as you - but DD is 8 months and, I can't hold her, hold him for blood draws, keep them both calm, etc.. etc.. at the same time, so I feel your pain.

     This is what I pack in my bag...
    My PDA (hours of entertainment), Kid Laptop - again lots of noises and buttons, Tractor/Car, Crayons, Pen, Pad of Paper, Magnadoodle, Calculator (again, buttons), Crackers, Bag of Cereal, a food he never gets (such as cookies),  Travel Alarm Clock (more buttons), an old working Cell Phone, A book, A puppet (Target $1 bin), Doctor Kit (to explain what doc will do), and an inflatable ball (for easy storage).

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  • OH OH OH... and if you have time before you leave, make cheerio necklaces.  That'll give you a little bit longer than a bag of cereal
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