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Hates being swaddled but wakes himself up whens he isnt.. HELP

My 10 week old son used to be okay with swaddling but now he wakes up in the middle of the night furious that he want put his hands to his mouth. I unswaddled his arms and gave them to him but then kept himself awake with his arms flying around... so then I put one arm back in and ave him one out of the swaddle... same thing now he is pissed he only has one arm and the other is waking him up... I tried the woombie which sorta lets him move his arms but keeps them away from his face and he is still pissed when I put him in that... I dont know what to do tonight... we had a horrible night last night because of this. He is sleeping in the RnP... HELP!!!

Re: Hates being swaddled but wakes himself up whens he isnt.. HELP

  • is it because he wants to put his hands in his mouth? Maybe he is a bit hungry, or maybe you could try a paci?
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  • I remember thinking DS hated being swaddled too but in the end it worked for us.  We just stayed consistent with swaddling.  (We swaddled until 10 months) To me I would think your LO is possibly hungry.  
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  • Is he hungry?  We swaddled DD for months (9 for bedtime, 11 for naps) and I would have to unwrap her every time she needed to eat in the middle of the night (usually 3 or 4) and then wrap her back up.  She didn't like it, but the swaddle didn't hold through the feeding and she wouldn't fall asleep unswaddled.
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  • Maybe he is hungry when he's waking??

    We used the miracle swaddle until she stopped the flailing. She would fight it at bedtime but could not stay asleep w/o it.  I say keep swaddling.

  • My DS breaks out of them all and fights hard.  I have to wait till he is very sleepy to use the miracle blanket or woombie.  This is only if we are trying to put him in his rock and play, when he joins us in bed, I don't swaddle.
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