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Anyone use stainless steel cookware?

I am sick of constantly replacing my non-stick pots and pans when they get scratched up or the coating starts to come off. What brand do you use and have you been happy with it? I plan to still have a non-stick pan for cooking things like eggs.

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Re: Anyone use stainless steel cookware?

  • We use Revere ware.  I have had them for 20 years with no problem.  They aren't too expensive and work great.  I also have a large non stick skillet and a small one also from Revere ware.
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  • We have Cuisinart stainless pots and pans. They work fine and we've had them about 6 years.


     My favorite frying pan from a nonstick and cleanup perspective is a ceramic coated one I bought at TJMaxx - I don't know the brand but it's grey ceramic on the inside (I have a different brand black ceramic and it's all scratched up already). I cook eggs in it almost every day. 

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  • We do.  I got a set at William Sonoma but can't remember the brand.  The more I read about nonstick the more I didn't want to use them anymore.

    There is a little learning curve to use but they are great.  We also don't use arosol cooking spray since there are a lot of chemicals.  I use EEOV in a pump spray.

  • We also have Cuisinart and really like our set.
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  • We have also been replacing (albeit slowly) all of our non stick. We have Cuisinart as well and some cast iron/enamel stuff. I would love to have all stainless, probably in another year or two!
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  • I have stainless steel non-stick from Calphalon.  Love it, plus it comes with a lifetime guarantee.  i.e. if the coating ever gets scratched or starts to wear out, they replace it for free. 

    As an FYI, to protect your non-stick, obviously never use metal utensils and never use cooking spray (like Pam) - it ruins the surface.  it is the aerosol that ruins it, so you can use something like a manual pump Misto sprayer if needed.  I never knew that last part until I had a bunch of clients from Calphalon.  

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  • we also have a bunch of Calphalon and it's great.
  • My stainless steel pans are the Emeril line of pro-clad, and I love them.  With a little bit of EVOO I use them for everything, even eggs, no problem.

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  • I also have stainless steel non-stick from Calphalon (approx 6yrs now and it still looks brand new).  I purchased mines in a set from BBB.  I LOVE IT!!!
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